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Luisa Rabbia  Luisa Rabbia Botto&Bruno Franco Scognamiglio
 Franco Scognamiglio Cristina Crespo Carmine Rezzuti Matteo Fraterno
Augusto Station, designed by Studio Protec (Uberto Siola, Luigi Milano, Luigi Pisciotti, Dante Rabitti, Federica Visconti), and opened to the public in February 2007, is a building faced with sections of circles, looking out over Largo Veniero with a row of pillars.

The first works that one encounters when descending towards the trains for Mostra are the ceramic reliefs of Luisa Rabbia.  In one of the corridors leading to the platforms, Franco Scognamiglio installed a series of light boxes dedicated to the life of Galileo.  Proceeding onwards into the interior of this “theatre of the memory” of sorts, the travellers are progressively engaged by the strong symbolic nature of the environment surrounding them.

The dramatic atmosphere of the city’s outskirts come to life in the ambient installation by Botto&Bruno, which fully occupies the other access corridor leading to the platform.
If we come down through the entrance towards the Mergellina train, we encounter The Milky Way, a lively mosaic with a relief in ceramic by Cristina Crespo. Meanwhile, the platform floor features mosaics by Carmine Rezzuti and Matteo Fraterno.  The first depicts, against the backdrop of a fiery sky, a roaring black panther guarding Mount Vesuvius; in the second a red vortex imposes a lively spinning movement to the entire work.