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Code for the Search and Selection of Personnel

The Code governing the seeking of, selection, and insertion of personnel;


For matters regarding the seeking of, selection and insertion of personnel, Metronapoli has arranged for its internal processes to adhere to the “Code for the procedures of Search, Selection, and Insertion of personnel by corporations fully controlled by the Commune of Naples” approved by the Naples Municipal Government in law G.M. n. 2419 on 06/07/07.
Metronapoli also guarantees full respect of labour laws and Collect National Work Contracts (Contratti Collettivi Nazionali di Lavoro) in all of its divisions and departments.  In particular, equal employment is guaranteed to both men and women, without discrimination for reasons of sex, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, political or union-related opinions, sexual orientation, or personal or social conditions pursuant to the applicable laws, and in particular, those pertaining to Equal Opportunity (Pari Opportunità).
Also guaranteed is full respect for laws protecting workers with the right to compulsory professional training, and guarantees them the support necessary for a full and rewarding execution of their job duties.
The modalities of obtaining employment within the agency are held to standards which guarantee the transparency of selection processes, appropriate for guaranteeing and ascertaining, in every applicable stage, full respect of the principles and rules embodied in the present Code, as well as providing adequate and precautionary notice of the criteria and modalities adopted in the selection of human resources to acquire.


The agency plans hirings and collaborative affiliations on the basis of a periodic and preventative assessment of the personnel necessary to ensure its proper business operations.
If additional or specific needs emerge in terms of new resources to be inserted into the agency, such needs will be made public to the labour market in a transparent manner by the publication of said needs by way of the most appropriate means; postings for job openings contain the desired professional profile in addition to the modalities envisaged in the recruitment process.


The selection and evaluation of personnel are carried out by comparing the profiles of candidates with the needs and expectations of the agency.
The conditions of personnel selection and evaluation are consistent with the professional profiles sought by human resources, and provide for the use of methodologies and tools of proven effectiveness and transparency.
In the selection of personnel the agency observes standards of timeliness and economy, seeking to adhere to competitive labour costs which are aligned with the values of the market of each professional category.

For the insertion of new personnel, the agency may turn to all contractual matters in hand, in the strict respect of the suppositions set forth by labour market laws and by Collective Contracts by category.  The use of temporary labour may be linked to specific organisational and adequately motivated agency needs, and is permissible in the limits envisaged by law and National Collective Work Contracts.
For matters regarding the selection of personnel, the agency identifies the contract types most appropriate for the best possible use of human resources in relation to the profiles requested.
During the selection process, Metronapoli guarantees full respect of law 196/2003 on privacy.