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The new Metronapoli S.p.A site features all the information, data and services available in the previous version, in addition to new sections and services.  A new design and site structure makes navigation quick and simple.


The structure used is simple and coherent with institutional communication.
The structure is subdivided into the heading, left-hand column, central body, and bottom of the page.

In particular:

The Heading displays the logos of the various businesses, as well as practical tools for users, such as search engines and FAQ.

Subheading: Contains links to the primary sections of the site, which can be navigated from the left-hand column.

Left-hand Column: is dedicated to finding out more on the different aspects of the site, with all information and relevant facts on the Lines, the Metronapoli System, business structure, etc.

Central Body: Contains pertinent information concerning details and news.

Bottom of the page:  provides resources aimed at facilitating use of the site (Contacts, disclaimers, privacy).  Visually ends the page.

: Within the Metronapoli website, there exist multiple ways of accessing detailed information.

The classic methods are employed:

- Open Search (Search Engine)
- Categories (the Site’s Sections)

Categories are organized into sections and subsections and can be consulted through a standard system of menus and submenus.

Main menu (fixed navigation), found in the subheading
Section menu (local navigation) found in the left-hand column
On every page there is the user’s history, which can be found between the heading and the rest of the page and is updated with respect to the content being viewed, showing the entire user history. 
The first element in the history is always “Home”, corresponding to the homepage of the agency.  Each element indicating a particular page can be used to access the relevant page directly, with the exception of last element, labelled in bold script, which is the page currently being viewed.


The graphic layout of the site puts the classic structural model into practice, aiming for a general balance, overall harmony, and above all, greater recognition and identity.
   Every page on the site has been redesigned according to the same scheme, either keeping it identical or adapting it to the circumstances.  This allows for:

- A Uniformity of style on all pages and elements on the site, in order to create familiarity and harmony, and to confer unto the whole of the site a sense of unity and overall synergy;
- The colour scheme, designed to produce an efficient contrast which makes the relevant content stand out, making reading and concentration easier, in addition to being adaptable to any video resolution or graphics card;
- The colour combination, which was designed to permit colour-blind users or those with poor sight to comfortably read the site’s content while making it possible to access the site on any monitor currently in circulation;
- A neat and symmetrical structure, to guarantee maximum adaptability to the PC screens, assures a functional and rational organisation of the content which immediately renders it identifiable and legible;
- The subdivision into boxes is currently being considered to create the maximum flexibility when modifying the content or inserting new text.