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Service Efficiency

The high qualitative service standards are ensured daily through the following activities:

The maintenance of infrastructure and rolling stock of the Metropolitan lines, of the systems and trains of the cable railways, represent the most significant part of the efforts undertaken by the agency.
The efficiency and reliability of the fixed station facilities and metropolitan trains is guaranteed by punctual check-ups on the more than 30 km of rail, transfers and contact lines,  with the help of advanced technology using ultrasound waves and X rays.
Likewise, the efficiency and reliability of the cable railway trains is guaranteed by the careful and punctual application of specific maintenance plans carried out by highly qualified personnel.
The Metronapoli Maintenance and Repair Facilities, which occupy an overall surface of 94 thousand square meters, house trains which every day undergo meticulous checks-ups to ensure high standards of efficiency and reliable rolling stock.
Thanks to technical knowledge acquired on numerous types of systems and rolling stock, as well as to a highly specialized team of technicians, Metronapoli possesses a cutting-edge know-how in matters regarding maintenance, allowing it to regularly perform complex maintenance operations throughout its network.
Body restyling and the replacement of electronic and mechanical parts in the Chiaia and Montesanto Cable Railways is an example of the type of work being done.

Metronapoli places great importance on the cleanliness of its stations, trains, and cable railways, which is why it has adopted a hygiene plan which consists of:
-    Thorough nightly cleanings;
-    Fast intervention teams
-    Cleaning plans based on criticism submitted;
-    Constant monitoring of cleanings;
Under experimentation are nightly ozonisation to purify the conditions on the trains, and tunnel cleanings with trains specially designed for this purpose, in order to reduce the amount of dust in the stations.

Travel Comfort:
To guarantee greater comfort, above all during peak hours,  the trains of Line 1 circulate with an additional UDT (Traction Unit), allowing for a greater number of seats available.
In order to reduce the phenomenon of noise and vibrations in Line 1, Metronapoli is experimenting with a special kind of system, the Vanguard by Pandrol UK, custom-made for our type of equipment, which is able to significantly reduce such problems.
Regarding the high temperatures encountered during the summer months in the stations and trains, Metronapoli will gradually activate a ventilation system in the train cars and stations of Line 1 and the cable railways.

Concerning the conduct of personnel:

In order to constantly improve the service we offer to our customers, Metronapoli has adopted Codes of Internal Conduct for its personnel and continually carries out training activities aimed at its front-line staff.