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Travel Safety

Metronapoli: Safe and Reliable

Travel safety is the responsibility of the PCO (Posto Centrale Operativo) for the metropolitan line (Line 1 and Line 6) of the Cable Railway Command Stations, which communicate with the trains and stations in real time.

ATP technology (Automatic Train Protection) used on the metropolitan trains, allows for control and correction of any possible circulation anomalies with respect to preset parameters.  Three levels of protection guarantee a safe distance between all trains.
Cutting edge technology permits remote diagnostics of system parameters, localisation of trains, and verification of system data.
Personal Safety and protecting your belongings

To ensure the safety of all passengers and their belongings

Metronapoli has equipped each station with closed-circuit cameras linked to the local station director’s office as well as to the central surveillance office located at Colli Aminei.  .  To further guarantee the effectiveness of video surveillance, Metronapoli has also implemented an image storage system aboard all trains on Line 1 where the images are transmitted to monitors installed in the cars.

In order to guarantee the highest levels of safety for customers, all stations are staffed with agents and administrative police, charged with the task of surveillance side-by-side with armed private security agents and K-9 units who patrol the stations as well as the metropolitan trains and cable railways.