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The Metronapoli System moves forward with Line 6
The Metronapoli System moves forward with Line 6.  Starting in February 2007, Metronapoli will manage the new light rail metro.  The first stretch connects the Fuorigrotta neighbourhood with Mergellina, covering four intermediate stops: Mostra, Augusto, Lala and Mergellina along a 2.3 Km track.  Once work has been finished (in 2011), Line 6 will arrive in the central Piazza Municipio passing through the stations of Arco Mirelli, San Pasquale, and Chiaia, covering a distance of 5.8 Km, with 8 stations, of which 3 will feature transfers to other rail lines.  Line 6 is capable of transporting 80 thousand passengers a day and up to 25 million a year, significantly contributing to the reduction of surface traffic.

The implementation of engineering surveys has been entrusted to Ansalda and to the Concessionary Company of the Commune of Naples MN (Metropolitana di Napoli S.p.A)
“The undertaking of work projects on Line 6- said Filippo De Luca, Managing Director of Metronapoli S.p.A- confirms once again the excellent state of the agency and its high technological and entrepreneurial capacity that renders it competitive in the market, allowing it to manage any type of means. Metronapoli, continued De Luca, is committed to maintaining all the positive aspects of its service, with particular attention both to passenger comfort and reliability of operations”.

Five Big Ones for five Stations

Line 6 signals a further enlargement of the museum, spread across the entire urban area, which is made up by the “Art Stations”.  The stations of Line 6 house works of modern art, the arrangement of which was assigned to internationally-recognized architects.  Mergellina station was planned by the Roman architect Vittorio Lampugani, whose involvement aims at taking full advantage of the Parco della Tomba di Virgilio. 
The short distance from the station to Piazza Sannazzaro and with the Mergellina embarkation point will turn it into a connection centre for travel towards the islands in the Gulf of Naples.  A strong urban accent will characterise the Arco Mirelli stop, the planning of which has been awarded to the architect Hans Kollhoff, and will be built with two entrances: one on Riviera di Chiaia, and one on Villa Comunale.  Boris Podrecca was commissioned to work on the San Pasquale station, whose central theme will be water, in memory of the beach that once stretched through the area.  Two asymmetrical entrances will mark the entrance to Chiaia Station, planned by the Neapolitan Architect Umberto Siola. There will be fourteen floors set into the ground with a single light intake above.  The building in which Chiaia is set is divided into three general blocks:  the first one connects Piazza Santa Maria Degli Angeli with Via Chiaia; the second is a set of spiral staircases which bring to mind the Gugenheim Museum of New York; the last block is the railroad station, which according to the plans of the architect could also be accessed through archaeological dig sites, passing through a slice of subterranean Naples.

A little history: from LTR to LINE 6

In 1997, the ltr project was resumed and reintroduced into the City Transport Plan.  No longer a mixed connection (level, viaduct, and gallery), but a true metropolitan line integrated into the network, completely underground connecting  Piazzale Tecchio with Piazza Municipio.  The two terminuses would be two of the primary points in the Neapolitan rail network; In Piazzale Tecchio Line 6 would be connected to line 2,7, and 8; in Piazza Municipio to Line 1 and to the port.  Additional connections are planned to Mergellina (Line 2) and Toledo (Central Cable Railway)