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The Metronapoli System is an integrated rail travel network, thanks to its numerous changeover junctions which allow for simple and efficient transfer between the lines.

The Museo-Cavour Connecting Passageway: Connects Lines 1 and 2 by a 300 meter underground passageway equipped with moving walkways and escalators.

The Vanvitelli Changeover: Connects Line 1 with the central cable railway and the cable railway of Chiaia by passageways, mobile walkways and escalators.

The Line 6-Cumana line connecting passageway: Connects Line 6 (Mostra Station) with the Cumana Line and, after a brief walk outside, Line 2 and The Trenitalia Station.

The Mergellina Changeover: Connects Line 6 to Line 2 and the Trenitalia after a brief walk outside.  There will soon be a direct link between the stations.

The Parco Margherita Changover: Connects the Chiaia Cable Railway to Line 2 after a brief outside walk.

The Montesanto Changeover: Connects the Montesanto Cablecar to the Cumana and Circumflegrea Lines, and after a brief outside walk, Line 2.

The Vomero Changeover System: A system of three escalators connecting via Scarlatti, via Cimarosa e via Morghen to the Montesanto and Centrale cable railways.

Parking: Located outside the following stations: Piscinola, Chiaiano, Frullone, Colli Aminei, Policlinico and Montdonzelli, allow passengers to leave their cars behind in order to use public transport.

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