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Metronapoli’s operations are entirely centred on the customer.  Our primary goal is to fully satisfy the customers and city residents who use the Metrnapoli System every day.  Our quality management system responds to the need to make certain that business activities proceed efficiently and with a view to constant improvement: the qualitative objectives of the service we offer.

Our numerous business activities are monitored in order to correct any divergence between preset objectives and real results and at the same time to seize any opportunity to improve our business quality management system.  The monitoring operations carried out by METRONAPOLI are based on the assortment of channels, diverse in nature and composition, through which the agency collects data and information on the implementation of business processes.  The end result is constant attention to these processes, which manifest themselves in terms of:

•    Efficiency
•    Effectiveness
•    Perceived Quality; the clientele’s opinion of the service offered.
•    Delivered Quality; the effective level of performance realised as a result of productive processes.