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Metronapoli makes use of personal data exclusively when obligated by law and/or reasons connected to its institutional activities.

In the processing of such data the agency complies fully with all obligations and fulfilment of duties relative of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 on the processing of personal information insofar as the protection of personal identity and of confidentiality have wholly entered into business management systems.

In accordance with provisions of legislation currently in force, the person in charge of the processing proceeds, respective to the type of information processed, to assume his/her own employees’ responsibility for the processing of the information.

Those responsible for the processing of data guarantee respect of the privacy law and assure the application of the minimum standards of corporate safety.
The updated list of said persons in charge of processing- together with the updated list held in the agency data bases- is present in the Programme Document on Agency Security. 

The processing, with respect to their final purposes can be processed either in paper or electronically by agency employees prepared to do so and duly informed on the confidentiality and security obligations envisaged by Law 196/2003.

For the management of said data, Metronapoli also reserves the right to make use of the collaboration of external Business Firms and/or Consultants.

In relation to the processing of all personal data, Metronapoli guarantees the possibility of asserting the full and regular exercise of  rights pursuant to articles 7, 8, and 9 of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 and in particular:

- The right to know, or be aware that personal data are being held and processed by a third party;

- The right to precise data, to obtain updates of the latter, in addition to corrections and amendments;

- The right of cancellation, or to obtain the cancellation, transformation or the obstruction of data processed in violation of the law;

- The right to oppose the processing of personal data, that is to protect oneself against the processing of personal data for illegitimate motives;

- The right to oppose the usability of data, or to oppose the utilisation of data in terms of evaluation of one’s own person;

For any type of information- including the updated list of persons in charge of the processing of personal data- or question concerning the exercise of one’s rights, it is possible to contact the Metronapoli Privacy Office either by means of e-mail sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or by post sent to: Metronapoli- Ufficio Privacy- Via Ponte dei Francesi 37/d – 80146 Naples, Italy.