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Line 1

The Strategic Ring

The Metro Line 1 is, in the Municipal Plan of transport, the pillar of public transport, serving the metropolitan area of Naples,  also thanks to the many interconnections with rail systems and park & ride areas north of the city that allow to leave your private vehicle in favor of public transport.
The metro Line 1 connects the northern last stop of Piscinola/Scampia with Garibaldi station, where it connects with the national railways and high speed, passing through the hill area of Vomero and the old center of the city. It serves a total of 17 stations over a distance of 18 km, reaching in some places a gradient of 5.5%.
Overall, the stations have within them a total of 115 among escalators, moving walkways, stair lifts and platform lifts and 52 elevators. Almost the entire route is developed in the gallery, except the stretch Colli Aminei/Piscinola, which runs mostly along the viaduct.  The stations served are: Garibaldi, Università, Toledo, Dante, Museo, Materdei, Salvator Rosa, Quattro Giornate, Vanvitelli, Medaglie d'Oro, Montedonzelli, Rione Alto, Policlinico, Colli Aminei, Frullone, Chiaiano, Piscinola.

It operates on weekdays about 242 trips per day from 6:00 a.m. To 11:00 p.m., with a frequency during peak hours of 8 minutes and travels at a commercial speed of 32 km times.

On average about 135 thousand passengers use the service on weekdays and 50 thousand at weekends.

The design and construction of Line 1 are assigned to MN Metropolitana di Napoli SpA, concessionary company of the Municipality of Naples for the construction of infrastructures.

The completion of the line involves the construction of a rail link that will close in Piscinola passing the Centro Direzionale and Capodichino Airport greatly extending the current route length (from 18 km to 25).