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The Chiaia Cable Railway
funicolare_chiaiaTowards the end of the nineteenth century, Vomero hill began the transformation into a residential area. To allow inhabitants to travel to the centre of the city, the Chiaia and Montesanto cable railways were constructed.
The Chiaia line was the first to enter into service- on October 15, 1889- and connects Piazza Vanvitelli to Rione Amadeo.  Initially designed to run by steam-powered traction, the line was electrified in 1900.

In 1976 the line was completely restored.
On average, the line is used by 15,000 travellers during workdays, and 5,000 during holidays.
The principal characteristics of the Chiaia Cable Railway are the following:
•    Length: 536 m
•    Total Descent: 161 m
•    Gauge: 1435 mm
•    Incline: 29%
•    Speed: 7.5 m/sec
•    Travel time: 3 min 8 sec
•    Train capacity: 300 pers.
•    Max Capacity: 9500 pers/hour per direction.

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